About Scivi

Who we are?

Founded since 2016, Scivi Travel is a licensed travel company with a clear mission in providing solutions for learning and team-building. With a clear purpose that dedicates to education and community, we are growing fast and becoming one of the leading educational tour organizers in Vietnam.

Since 2009, we collaborated with inbound school groups from Australia, UAE, and Singapore in several projects with great success. We believe our programs can create a difference and are an added-value to the curriculum of the students. Besides, having five years of experience working with many international schools, we understand well the importance of education in our society today.

Our programs are tailored to suit different student groups and clients. These trips are fun, exciting, and inspiring with the main focus on learning; we want to make the world become student’s classrooms and enhance their skill development. On the other hand, the advantage of being a local expert gives us a deep understanding of the country’s culture and our community. Therefore, Scivi also provides team-building and solutions to organizations that practice corporate social responsibility (CSR). More importantly, having a strong commitment to achieving sustainable business, all our trips are in line with the sustainable development goal of the United Nations.

The year 2019 marked our achievement in becoming one of the members of WYSE Travel, the global organization based in the Netherland. WYSE Travel represents the entire youth, student and educational travel industry. Scivi is proud of being the first Vietnam company alongside with other 600 global leaders from 70 countries in youth travel.


Our history



What do we offer?

Currently we are operating trips for middle and high schools with content and activities focusing on following topics:

      • Vietnam-related topics (culture, geography, nature and Vietnam War history);
      • Emotional intelligence experience;
      • Service learning/community service activities;
      • Mindfulness and self-resilience retreat to schools and organisations;

We believe that these topics are interesting and important for students and also align with universal accepted education value. It will allow the students to deeply connect with the world around them, explore their inner strength and make a positive difference to the world.

Being one of the most dynamic economies in the world, we are sure that field trips to Vietnam are not only safe, fun and exciting but also provide good opportunities to students to widen their point of view about the world which is critical for a global citizen.


How do we organise our trip?


For us, Safety means Everything and never be compromised!

  • Staffs are well trained with safety procedures – Our tour guides are EPR-accredited from PADI.
  • Experience of serving international and Vietnamese students on various topics and requirements;
  • The strong in-house content team highly focuses on farming, natural immersion, cultural immersion, and community service.


Child Protection

Working with children and adolescents as our customers and beneficiaries of our projects, we are fully aware of maintaining and promoting children’s safety and welfare throughout our program. Global Guideline



Risk Management


Sometimes things can go beyond expectation and it is why proper risk management is important, especially for tours. We adhere to Student & Youth Travel Association’s Safety Resource Guide as the main guideline for all of our trip. Global Guideline


Sustainable Tourism

As an educational travel agency, we do not just talk about sustainability. One of our goals is to promote sustainability as a value during our trip is to practice by ourselves first, before convincing others to do the same.


  • We promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as much as we can in every trip and task. Particularly, we insist on using refillable water bottles, durable food containers and refrain from using single-use items, including utensils and ponchos during the trip. Students and travelers are also encouraged to retain their own wastes and return it to us at the end of the trip to avoid littering to places we visited.
  • While maintaining our level of service, we prioritize doing business with small vendors, local suppliers, and community.
  • We maintain a “no-harm” policy to the community/places/people we are working with.


The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

All Scivi trips are organized in accordant with the global goals for sustainable development. With a mission to achieving sustainable business, we focus on giving and contributing to the society and community. You can learn more about 16 United Nation’s sustainable development goals here.

Since Mar 2020, Scivi Travel starts to enroll as a Travelife Engaged company. This is the first part of 3-step processes toward a fully complied sustainable tour company. By this movement, we show our commitment to practice sustainable tourism, not only in our daily activities and programs, but also in term of compliance in accordance to a global standard.

Why you should choose Scivi?

Global Competency

With experience of working with schools and business partners in Asia and Oceania, we treat every trip with due care. Safety is something we never compromise. Students and teachers’ well-being and satisfaction during the trip are our service standard.

Local Expert and Destination Focus

We are a local business, based in Vietnam and only focus in Vietnam programs. We work directly with local people and local service provider in order to offer best value-for-money itineraries to our clients.

Content Dedicated

We invest not only in logistics but also in content of programs and take into consideration education aspect of every program seriously.

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International Tour Operator License No. 79-1094/2019/TCDL-GPLHQT by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.