5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Tourism while in Vietnam

Tourism in Vietnam still might not be well-developed and can have many limitations. However, it is important to know that with the help of tourists, they can be improved greatly in many ways. Such improvements are not only on the  economic but also on the environment and society. Here are the 5 ways to practice sustainable tourism while you are traveling to Vietnam.

Plastic free

The damaging effect of plastic on our environment is not newfound and rather clear. On a scale of 109 countries that have a high level of plastic pollution, Vietnam ranks 17th. To reduce plastic waste, you can refuse to use plastic bags while shopping at local shops in the country. Another alternative is to bring your canvas bag for storing on the trip as such practice is always recommended on our Scivi tours.


Support the local business

When traveling, most people take extra caution into their financial habits. Money-wise, travelers tend to skimp pennies and get rid of the luxuries. However, some local businesses rely mostly on tourists to survive; meaning to say every transaction is a profit to them. So when you decide to spend on something while traveling in the country, consider these local suppliers or vendors.

5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Tourism while in Vietnam
Local product (complimentary on Scivi tour)

Sustainable water use

Water is precious and essential to us. People consumer water a lot more while traveling than they do at home. Unfortunately, this can result in more dispose of plastic bottles. This is why we highly recommend our customers to have their own bottle refilled, especially on every Scivi tour. You can read more about our practice here

5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Tourism while in Vietnam
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Learn about the country

Culture can be an interesting experience, but it can also turn out to be trouble sometimes if you do not understand it well. Vietnam has quite a unique culture with many different customs throughout the country. Spending some time to learn more about the country, what do and don’t can help you to avoid hassles while traveling in Vietnam. Sustainable tourism must start from the very basic things.

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Never purchase endangered animal products

For most of the Western tourists, Asia seems to be a paradise for an array of exotic souvenirs. Lack of governmental control on such products and the demand of buyers result in more endangered species. Vietnam is home to more than 11,000 species including mammals, reptiles, plants, etc. Many of them had already become extinct, and some are in danger. The life of these animals depend on you somewhat.

Source: www.worldwildlife.org


The tourism industry always has a multidimensional and noticeable impact on one country. It holds a lot of potentials but also has many possibilities of risk if not addressed properly.

As striving to become one of the best leading educational travel companies, we don’t only prioritise profit but aim for achieving sustainable business. Besides, we feel a need to share this responsibility and commit to be a part of the solution.

Here are our simple suggestions to practice sustainable tourism while traveling in Vietnam. How about you? Do you think of any better ways? Let us know in the comment below.


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