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Best Places in Vietnam for Family Trip in 2020

A family vacation is always fun and memorable. Kids growing up later will most likely recall those memories of being with their family. More excitingly, the idea of combining bonding time with a trip is everything a kid could wish for. Besides, family activities can bring a lot of benefits and play an important role in early child development.

A trip once a year is a great opportunity for families to revitalize their parent-child relationships and create some good memories. Every family has their favorite place to go. Some have a deep affinity for nature running in the gene, thus, they tend to seek for natural-based activities. However, it is not necessary to follow preferences. Instead, trying some new places might turn out a very good outcome. Perhaps, a family fun day while on a trip abroad is a perfect idea, and the kids will love it.

Vietnam is a great country not only for solo travelers but also for families. Decide where to go can be difficult as there are many choices. However, a family-friendly destination must maximize your joyfulness and involve activities that connect every family member. In this post, we will check out some best places in Vietnam for family.

Madagui Forest City

Locates between Saigon and Dalat, this lush green forest is designated as a perfect destination for a family fun time. Madagui Forest City has a Spa and Resorts built in the middle of thick forest, offering a great opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. This forest eco-park encompasses a large population of animal and plant species, a system of lakes and rivers with mountain scenery, and natural caves. Besides, there is a wide range of games that will keep your kids busy all day. Madagui is just what you need for a family fun day, and it will make a wonderful memory for your children. If you are looking for somewhere to go, Madagui is among the best places in Vietnam for your family trip.

Cat Tien National Park

A low land tropical rainforest spreading somewhat 72,000 hectares across 3 provinces, Cat Tien National Park is a treasure trove in the Southern region of Vietnam. This lush green forest hosts a wide range of fauna and flora, making it one of the most diverse natural reserves in the country. The park also includes a bear rescue center that gives home to over 16 species of moon bears.

Cat Tien national park is only 3-4 hours away from Ho Chi Minh city and can be reached by car or bus. If you love nature and want your children to be with them, this is the perfect idea for a family getaway. There are several places from low-cost budget huts to the luxury bamboo house to stay overnight. Most of these accommodations are set surrounded by the forest, giving a good opportunity to observe the wildlife. You can spend an entire day exploring a network of trekking trails, or visiting the bear center and letting your kids enjoy the activities inside the center. And when the sun goes down, going on a night tour around the park is one of the best things ever.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam. If you choose to visit Phu Quoc, you can’t go wrong with it. Aside from the long white sandy beach and transparent blue sea, what stands out the most is probably the Vinpearl Safari. Spanning across an area of 380 hectares, this is the first zoo built in Vietnam on the island. There are a total of 10 sections simulating a particular natural habitat for different species. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is one of the best places in Vietnam for family.

The safari park provides an opportunity for guests to visit and observe the animals in the open-range environment. Far from conventional zoos, these animals can freely roam around in their semi-natural habitats. This is the best thing you can do for your kids, and you will make their day a blast. What is more exciting than walking along the path and encountering a bunch of friendly animals in a close range. If you have time, get a combo ticket that gives you admission to visit the safari park and the amusement park located in the Southern part.

Ba Na Hill

You probably have seen the picture of two stone hands holding a bridge on the internet. That picture belongs to a wonderful place called Ba Na Hill, in the Central part of Vietnam. This paradise locates on top of the Truong Son mountain and 20 km away from Da Nang city. Ba Na Hill encompasses a family resort complex and a recreational park with full of exciting rides and activities.

The journey to the top is one hell of a ride through some of the longest distance between stations. You will also experience several significant changes in elevation and spectacular views of the mountain and ocean below. Once you get there, don’t be surprised to feel like you are in a European town that has many buildings in the medieval style. What’s the best to do? Let your kids enjoy the Alpine Coaster that can travel up to 24mph through a long curved rail track, then jump on those exciting rides in the Fantasy Park. And last but not least, challenge yourself on the 95 feet drop towers into a massive cave below your feet. Ba Na Hill is one of the best places in Vietnam for a family that worth adding to your list.

Halong Bay

Do get tired of running around and testing your gut with those activities that give adrenaline rush? Sometimes, we don’t necessarily need to have fun-filled activities to maximize our joyfulness. On the other hand, it’s time to have some quality family bonding time with a lot of night talks and fun games while enjoying a luxury lifestyle on a private boat. What if I tell you that you can do it while visiting Ha Long Bay in Vietnam? It will be one of the most memorable family times you will ever have.

Halong Bay is one of the most visited attractions in the country. It’s famous for the magnificent scenery made up of thousands of towering limestone islands covered in dense green foliage. A night trip visiting Ha Long Bay will be a great chance for your kids to experience a spectacular night scenery of the bay from the boat deck.

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