Climate Change Is a New Threat to Mekong Delta

What do we know about climate change?

Climate change does not happen yesterday, nor it will happen tomorrow. It is already invading our lives and raising as a new threat that is placed at the top of the agenda. Media today are covered with headlines and breaking news such as climate change or global warming like never before. However, these large-scale changes don’t often catch our attention as much as those hoax news we see every day. Even worse, people don’t seem to take it seriously or show any interest in the gravity of these issues.

Such behaviour is the result of lacking proper information dissemination in our community today. You maybe don’t know how bad our planet has turned over the last few centuries. And others probably care more about their water and electricity bill than climate change because everyone is lucky enough to live in a less affected zone. But for 12 million people living in Mekong Delta, we don’t think so.

Climate change and Mekong Delta 

What does climate change have to do with Mekong Delta, by the way? To answer this question, you must understand that our planet has weather patterns that remain the same for an extended period. These patterns are to define our global climate and distinguish it from one region to another. Everything living things on our planet is dwelling and thriving in a favorable environment.

Since early the 20th century, there is extreme weather occurring in many parts of the world, and these phenomena are caused by climate change. Human activities are one of the most causes of the change in climate, although natural processes are also the reasons. Evidence of these changes are including global temperature increases, rising sea level, ice loss at the North poles, and a wide range of unpredictable weather patterns.

Some of you might hear about Mekong Delta while traveling in the country. You probably have been there once also, but no one tell you what this area is facing right now and how lives in Mekong Delta are hanging by thread.

To our planet, Mekong Delta is one of the most agriculturally productive regions. To the Vietnamese, it plays a critical role not only in tourism but also in the economy. The formation of this area is different from rocky continental coast. It is created by river sediments deposited over thousands of years. However, this support layer can easily subside and disappear when the sea level is rising due to climate change.

Mekong Delta could no longer be your destination

For your information, this river delta today is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. And so are 12 million people who may have to leave by force because of the rising seas. According to the new analysis in Nature Communication published in August, the average elevation of Mekong is two meters lower than the above sea level. Besides, the rate of migration to cities in the Mekong Delta provinces also increases significantly, especially within the most climate-vulnerable areas. This maybe can tell us what is really going on here. 

Farmers also lost their crops due to the high level of saltwater intruding into the soil and killing all plants. Such incidents are a tragedy for many families as they rely mostly on farming from one generation to another. 

A study by Oanh Le Thi Kim and Truong Le Minh of Van Lang University suggested that climate change is one of the main factors in the decision of migrants aside from poverty. Apparently, the report says that there is 14.5% of people in the Mekong Delta wanting to leave the place. In other words, climate change is making 24,000 people fleeing their homes every year.

Final words

Today, many developing countries are taking action to tackle climate change. Although, we know that this is already happening, but it never too late for us to fix what we have done. If you wish to see more evidences, you can read more information at NASA website here.


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