Coronavirus, is Vietnam a safe place?

Coronavirus is a global epidemic now and is probably one of your most concern these days. Just on this January 30th, WHO has officially declared this virus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. More than 25 countries have been reported to be affected by the illness. While the number of infected cases in Vietnam is still under control, it does not mean we can underrate it. And you should also bear in mind that the Vietnamese government has been aggressively responding to the spreading disease at an alarming level. Thus, you should not be worried too much. However, if you are traveling in Vietnam on these days or intend to visit Vietnam, you should be aware of these new disease controls because it might affect your plan.

  • The border control between Vietnam and China will be tightened and limited.
  • If you have been to China for the last two weeks, you won’t be able to get your visa regardless of nationality.
  • You won’t be able to book any transportation to China, including flights, coaches, trains, etc.
  • The authority will postpone all public events in Vietnam until further notice.
  • No more tours between Vietnam and China (inbound or outbound)

Traveling in Vietnam during the epidemic

As a professional educational tour organizer, Scivi Travel always takes safety matters into consideration on every trip, whether there is a disease or not (see how we organize our trip). However, it’s still better to protect yourself before someone does. We suggest a few tips for you. Here are the Dos and Don’ts while traveling in the country:


DO double check if one of your group members is from mainland China or has been to China recently. We know it’s not always nice to ask someone showing their passport, you may want to check their recent activities on Facebook.

DO prepare extra face masks and hand sanitizers for your trip.

DO expect any changes in your itinerary, whether you are traveling alone or with a group tour. For your safety, tour operators might avoid some tourist areas or activities involving a large number of people in public.

DO expect a choice of service will be limited, especially for groups. Scivi Travel has been conducting a stricter inspection of our hotels and restaurant supply to make sure of safety requirements.

DO accept the inconveniences – control at borders/airports, declaration, and interview of travel history, especially those who traveled to China recently, and regular temperature checks in public places.


DON’T take part in any public group activities during this time, or travel to anywhere near the China border.

DON’T join any group unless you know them well and make sure they have not been to China recently. You should always choose a reliable travel company if you plan to book a group tour.

DON’T get on a bus or plane without wearing a mask. Unless you have to, then avoid traveling in public transport these days.

DON’T eat any dish cooked with animals if you are traveling to the suburban areas. A wild animal has a high chance of containing the Coronavirus.

DON’T hide your symptoms if you think you don’t feel well, even if it’s not the coronavirus. Finally, visit the nearby doctor immediately.

As a professional tour organizer, Scivi Travel is highly aware of the situation and strictly abide by the government instructions. We will keep monitoring and putting all our current traveling groups in Vietnam under extra caution. In the meantime, please let us know should you need any information and help regarding planning for your school groups into Vietnam.


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