The Perfect Place for Outdoor Excursions in Vietnam – Da Lat

A study trip to nature is usually perfect for kids. But children nowadays don’t get to be around with nature like before anymore. This has to be changed for the sake of their life. At Scivi Travel, we understand the issue and want to rebuild this relationship.

We not only promote the natural environment. One of our missions is to bring the children and families back to nature. Therefore, we propose a study trip to the city of Dalat, a perfect place for outdoor excursions in Vietnam.

Perfect place for outdoor trips

People usually call Dalat the city of eternal spring thanks to its temperate weather. The city located in the Southern part of Vietnam central highland. It belongs to Lam Dong province.

With a cool climate all year round, the place is a real advantage for agriculture. And for many Vietnamese people, Dalat is a great destination to take a break from the bustling city life.

Tea plantation

On our natural learning trip, we will bring the children to the Cau Dat farm; this place, a mere 50 minutes from Da Lat, is famous for its tea plantations.

During the 20th century, the French reliazed the climate and soil is proper for the tea exploitation. They implanted tea plantations in the area, bringing processing machines from Europe. The original factory is still in operation today, which makes it one of the oldest tea factories in Southeast Asia.

Even if the product form has changed, and the tourism activities have grown, the historical values still remain preserved. Tea products from the Cau Dat farm usually have premium quality as they contain no preservatives. There is also no blue coloring, residual pesticides and very low amount of fertilizers used in the area.

The study trip to this location is an opportunity for the children to see how a plantation looks like. They can also learn how the farmers work and discover the process of making tea from the first step.

Coffee is great

After the tea comes the coffee! We continue to discover the local agriculture by going on a learning tour organized by the K’Ho coffee factory

It is an opportunity to see the coffee beans at all different stages of growth. The children can also get to see the process of making coffee from roasting, cupping to brewing.

There is also a chance to visit farms during the harvest season. This would give them another insight into the famous coffee culture of Vietnam. Of course, you will have the opportunity to have a taste of the coffee with the farmers on the site.

The students now can see how the making of products they usually find everywhere in the city. Especially understand all the effort put in to provide this delicious drink

On the other hands, Da Lat also offers many other adventurous activities that are not for the faint of heart. It can be canyoning through different level of the waterfall or trekking through the forest. This is why Dalat is the perfect place for outdoor.

If you love something strange and spooky, visit the Crazy House. This is one of the strangest buildings in Vietnam ever known. For souvenirs, take a walk at night through the night market and enjoy the yummy declicacies

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