field trip in vietnam with scivi travel

Field Trip to Vietnam with Scivi Travel, What You Should Know

School trip abroad today is as important as any other curriculums in the classroom. The benefit and importance of these field trips in education are undeniable. What recalls to your memory the most from high school experience? We bet high chances are the experiments during chemistry classes, an inspiring lesson from your favorite lecturer, or a trip visiting some historical sites in the country.

field trip to vietnam

Occasionally, we tend to learn quickly and retain information longer if it triggers our interest in a particular matter. You might discover your passion while working on some projects, or something sparked your curiosity during a school trip last year. This is when a field trip comes into play; to fill the gap between education and practical experience.

The classroom environment today does not seem to be enough of a learning platform for students in this fast-changing world, where kids are performing better than their peers if they are well-experienced in different things. As an educational travel organizer, we are highly aware of this concern and want to help school teachers fill this gap. More importantly, we want to provide an equal opportunity for students to develop their skills and passion in the early development stage.

It is not necessary to go out of the country to learn a new thing, but an abroad trip might have some extra advantages along the way. In this article, we will tell you what it is like to be on a field trip to Vietnam with Scivitravel.

Real-world classroom experience 

Here is a win-win situation. There is a handful of good reasons why teachers love field trips, and so does the students. School teachers see this as an excellent tool to assist with their teaching and relate to the subject most effectively. Students love field trips because they can get out of the mundane tasks of day-to-day classrooms. More important, what is more exciting than seeing those seem-to-be boring facts turn out fascinating in real life.

On our field trip to Vietnam with Scivitravel, we focus on providing hands-on experience through our well-constructed programs. Whether they are visiting a local market, rural village areas, or historical places, the activities associated with the place will give them a better understanding of the world. We want to connect students with their surrounding environment and fill the missing gap between class lessons and practical knowledge.

Social-emotional benefits

field trip to vietnam

It is no doubt that we all want to raise our children to be a good egg. Thus, empathy and tolerance are one of the most important traits we want them to have. What is good in a person who can be a genius but lack of ethical character and have no feeling for others? And for your information, ethical IQ is embedded in and developed by growing our interpersonal and emotional intelligence.

Vietnam can be a great country to have such a trip for socio-emotional growth. There is no country in Southeast Asia where the people suffered a huge loss of both mentally and physically from the war. Today, the endless repercussion left from the war still goes on for many years to come. The experience from history excursions in Vietnam might help students grow empathy and compassion, and more importantly, enhance emotional intelligence.

Sustainable practice

Sustainability is such an important aspect of our world today. Every day on the internet, we hear about global warming or climate change occurring more often than it should be. The environmental issues are a weighting burden on global citizens and raising more concerns about our planet. If there is anything we could do to help mitigate the on-going negative effect, it must be practicing sustainability.

Scivitravel is one of the leading companies in Vietnam, focusing on sustainable development goals. Our community projects help students engage in practicing sustainable tourism and provide benefits to the locals. We believe these programs can assist school teachers in bringing the best hands-on experience to their students. Besides, they are well-designed and locally interactive, which give students a once in a lifetime experience during their high school memory.


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