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House Building Project Diary – Back to Work

After the discovery trip to Can Tho and Ben Tre, we were ready to get back to work on our house building project. Everyone looked excited to see how much the job progresses after a few days away.

Luckily, the weather is getting better than recent days with a cool breeze accompanied by pleasant sunshine. This such an ideal condition for such labour work.

We are lucky when our supporters help us finish surrounding walls so that we were almost ready to complete the house. They remain hard at work and very professional.

Although everyone seems to be tired of the house building work. We still enjoyed some music from the speaker and sing along with the classic old songs.

After the labour work, we went to the school nearby to hangout with the kids. At Nhan Ai school, we played with grades 3,4 and 5. They are a group of smart and pleasant students. We offered various kinds of activities for them to join in with us. All of us play and smile together.

The gap in age between us does not seem to bother us at all. Not only the volunteers but also the teachers enjoy taking part in the games.

We are happy to bring to all participants fun and happy moments. As usual, the boys spent their last moments playing soccer with students from the school. This time, they cooperate so well that they win the games, which makes them very excitable during the journey back to the hotel.

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