What Is It Like To Be Quarantined in a Camp

Since the outbreak, Vietnam has been among countries that had a firm grasp on curbing COVID-19. While there is no record for death over the past few months, and the number of people recovering from sickness is also increasing every day, making Vietnam one of the countries that effectively battled against the epidemic so far. People say numbers don’t lie. Statistics from WHO can provide the most convincing evidence for the effort that had been done by the Viet government.

Besides such a great achievement in the war against COVID-19, the Vietnamese government has done a great job to support its people who are stranded outside the country during the epidemic. In several attempts to rescue their citizens from the disease zones, there were more than 20 flights over the last few months traveling back and forth, bringing millions of Vietnamese from all around the world back to their homeland. Such a move can carry even more risk into the country while people are fighting the disease internally. However, “no one is left behind” is a new motto by the prime minister, showing great national solidarity in the face of crisis.

The question is “what makes a small country that has 91 million people and shares border with China successfully protect their citizens safe from the disease?” These quarantined camps might be the answer.

A quarantined camp is a place where the Vietnamese government implements the fourteen days procedure on those who come back to Vietnam by air travel. This procedure is to make sure no one is infected by the virus and show no symptoms of COVID-19 before they can go back to their normal life.

Here are some photos of how a camp look like from inside

Get ready to leave the plane


Waiting to clear immigration on the spot


Transferring to the camp


New home for 2 weeks


Get tested for virus




3 meals a day for free

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  1. Unless there has been a massive population explosion i think it should be 91 million not billion :).
    Yes congratulations Vietnam you are leading the world in your efforts. If only other countries had taken early steps like you did.
    We had a two month holiday planned for there in April/May – but hopefully that is only postponed as we cant wait to get back to your beautiful country. .

    1. Yes, indeed, you are right 🙂 Thank you Lachie for pointing out the mistake. We do hope that you can visit our country soon, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any travel advices.

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