Planning to Visit Vietnam After a Pandemic?

Planning to visit Vietnam after a pandemic may sound a bit risky to you despite the fact that the country has done a great job in controlling the disease. As boredom grew over during the lockdown and adventurous spirit kicked in, you might start making some plans soon. However, concern strikes over while you are wondering which places are safe to go. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Vietnam will soon be opening again and welcoming all travelers. Until then, make sure that you plan your trip well with a set of good practices in mind to help you steer clear of problems. For example, social distancing still works in most cases. Besides, we think that this is a great time for us to shift our interest and make a travel style change. In particular, we should consider less touristy places and stay away from the mass tourism. Considering how much time you have while planning to visit Vietnam can also maximize your experience and get the most enjoyment out of your travel. In this post, we will suggest you some destinations that will pique your interest and might be worth adding to the bucket list.

Hat Co Home in Ma Da, Tri An lake

Remains unknown to tourists for years and only known by the locals, Hat Co Home is an eco camping site stays hidden in the Southern part of Dong Nai province, approximately 90 km from Saigon. This secret gem is the perfect getaway for nature lovers and family fun day.

A diverse community is dwelling next to a 323 sq km lake surrounded by dense rain forest. Tri An is home to a unique Vietnamese of Cambodian descent community. Hat Co Home offers a wide range of nature-based activities including camping, picking fruit, kayaking, and exploring the life of nearby villagers.

Explore the local way of life in Mekong Delta

Even when you think you have seen it all, and despite the fact that Mekong Delta is not so much of a remote destination, it does not make it less interesting. The prevalence of cheap commercial tours to Mekong Delta have been creating mass tourism and putting this place under pressure over the last decades. You don’t have to join them.

When planning to visit Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta, it is better to avoid cheap package tours where you will stick with a lot of people. You can consider choosing a good quality tour operator instead. These companies not only offer you the best experience but also make a positive impact on the destination. These tours are unique in the program and limited with a small number of passengers.

In a recent effort to help the community in Mekong Delta recover from the crisis, Innoviet has offered a special package to bring back tourists and boost tourism in the area. You can check for the promotion here.

Get lost in a national park (Cat Tien)

Planning to visit Vietnam

Nature has always been a gift, but sadly we usually take it for granted. It is no doubt that soaking ourselves in nature can bring a lot of benefit to us. Vietnam is endowed with abundant natural resources from coastlines to mountains, forming a vast ecosystem. Becoming a green tourist and visiting national parks are probably one of many different ways to experience Vietnam. If you are planning to do so, Nam Cat Tien national park is worth a try.

A vast lowland tropical forest that is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, Cat Tien park is where you can immerse yourself in nature for a boost of wellness. This park locates around 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh city and it is well-known but not very touristy. You can spend 3 or 4 hours in the park, or even better you can stay overnight and take part in a night tour around the park.

Discover the gems of Saigon (Hidden Alleys tour)

Planning to visit Vietnam

For years, the local way of living in Vietnam remains mysterious to outsiders and fascinates travelers. Saigon is a record-keeper who witnesses many ups and downs of the country over the course of history. Today, the city is growing fast and moving toward a new era. However, the traditional and original value can never be replaced no matter how much the city has changed. On the other hand, those values are still reflected vividly in every aspect of the city and through every corner of the street.

A solo trip cramming through hidden alleys among those old buildings can be very fascinating and mesmerizing. The experience you get will never be the same, they are authentic and different. Your every single footstep will reveal the mystery and give you a feeling of excitement.

Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash


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