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Service Learning through Building Activities in Vietnam

One of our longest-standing service learning projects is building. However, when it comes to this, we usually receive a knitting-the-brow reaction.

Will our kids be able to do that? Is it safe? Does it not sound tiresome and boring? Well, everything happens for a reason and here are some points of view from insiders – our team!

Every service learning requires safety first

Building is a skilled job, full stop.

Firstly, orientation, safety instructions, and protective gear always come first.

Secondly, professional builders are stationed on-site at all times. This is to make sure that safety and quality are ensured. As they will be responsible for all technical matters.

Location selection with consideration to the surrounding environment is also a top priority. Potential sites sometimes are not suitable to receive students.

Working in a high safety environment, alongside with constant supervision. This makes the students aware of ‘SHE’ (safety, health and environment), a skill critical for working adults.

A tiring and boring job? We don’t think so

Despite being hard work, the building is a down-to-earth experience as it is also an intense outdoor activity. Surprisingly, youth always manage to find the silver lining, against all odds.

In this case, music is the magic word whenever and wherever our “apprentices” sweat out. Immersed in the melody helps to bring youthful joy. Every hour seems to become a concert of lively energy or an exciting workout.

Love from the host family

House building is a type of service-learning that profit everyone. This educational approach not only benefits students with real experience but also bring positive impacts to the local community.

As such, students always receive special care from host families. They will have their chance to explore the culture up-close and observe the local life without any barriers.

In the end, they also have an opportunity to taste the local treats and specialties. A fresh lime and lemongrass tea served under the shade of a coconut tree after you are completely tired out! Does that sound good?

The untold values from learning service

Building a house is like watering a little tree. Time goes by quickly and students will forget about it until the very last day when the roof is installed.

Then everyone will burst for joy when they recall the first layer of bricks, the first batch of concrete made, and the sweat they shed.

They will also realize how they become a more calm and patient person comparing to the first day. And their strong bond withthe land grows day by day. Maturity and adulthood is not just a matter of time, but also a matter of layers of brick.

In a nutshell

Service learning such as working on a building site brings endless opportunities for students to learn. They can gain interpersonal and building skills, and to immerse themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

At the end of the day, we believe education for the future is all about providing holistic and authentic contexts. This is where students can develop within themselves. They can see and understand clearly the world around them.

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