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Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam – How To Be A More Responsible Traveler

Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourist | Photo by LE TAN

Sustainable tourism has been an important aspect of the tourism industry nowadays. Countries around the world are adopting this practice and uniting to fight against many environmental issues that we are facing today. Besides, the year 2020 had started with several devastating natural disasters. These catastrophes set us on a new mission and shift our concern toward a more urgent matter, our environment.

For that reason, we think traveling today should not be longer a simple leisure activity we do for ourselves. Especially when it comes to sustainable tourism, it must be for a greater cause, such as creating more positive impacts on the environment as well as society.

While tourism in Vietnam has been made a spearhead of the country’s economy since the “Doi Moi” (renovation form) took place in 1986, this gives an advantage for the tourism industry in Vietnam to adopt some new practices. However, sustainable tourism in Vietnam is not really at its best over the last few decades. There are so many reasons we found internally that could contribute to the cause, but this is not our point.

At Scivitravel, our philosophy says that even a small change can make a big impact. And bear that in mind, we believe that if you visit Vietnam with a sustainable mindset, that can make a lot different for the entire country. Some practices can help you to make your trip more impactful. Let’s look at these five ways to become a more sustainable traveler while traveling.

Stay with a Vietnamese family

Vietnamese family | Photo by Larm Rmah

There is no better way to experience while traveling than to soak up in the country’s culture. Let’s forget about your comfort zone when staying in luxury accommodation for a moment; we are talking about living with local families. We are pretty sure you would never imagine the experience you will get from them.

Besides, Vietnam has a rich culture accumulated over a thousand years, in which tourism can only offer partly to tourists as commercial products. This is why it’s a shame if you miss the opportunity to “going local” and get a deep understanding of how people live daily.

Visit eco-sites

Ecotourist | Photo by Oanh MJ

The fundamentals of eco-sites usually connect with the natural environment or the surrounding community. While visiting these eco destinations, you will get not only a deep insight to the cultural community but also the local habitat of flora and fauna in the area. Besides, in a country where its economy heavily depends on tourists, ecotourism is the only means of making income for the local community. Market local products get exposed to tourists, and jobs are more available for people in the village.

Single use plastic and canvas bag

Say no to plastic | Photo by Hadley Jin

We have heard this many times, and yet, we found it difficult sometimes to give up an old habit. If there is an effective way to practice sustainable tourism in Vietnam, this is it.


Now, if you notice, littering is very common in the country. According to a report from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, there are approximately 1.8 million tonnes of plastic waste discharged in the country, but 27 percent of that is recycled. While there is not much you can help to get rid of the problem, what you can do is try not to use plastic bags or bottles as much as you can. This is why, on every Scivitravel tours, we encourage our customers to bring their bottles and canvas bags for storing. Although it seems to be inconvenient while carrying it around, you might never know when you need them.

Support local business

Support local business | Photo by Diego Catto

People tend to inject a degree of caution into our spending while traveling in another country. We understand when it comes to financing, money-wise. However, local businesses usually rely on foreign travelers to survive in a volatile market. While there is nothing with being prudent on your hard-earned money, try to consider what benefit the locals will get from your support. Luxury restaurants are fine if you can afford, but don’t forget street vendors also offer fantastic street food. Buying local handicrafts is also another right way to support the business, especially when you are traveling up north of the country.


Featured Image by Joshua Lanzarini


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