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Travel Trends for Post Covid-19 | 5 New Trends You Need To Know

In this fickle world where everything constantly shifts from time to time, no industry remains the same without trends and innovations. New advanced technology, changes in demographic, and social norms are  all making impacts on every aspect of our life. The tourism industry is no exception. New travel trends are involving and appearing every day. Have you ever wondered how the new travel trends will be like once the Covid-19 is gone? If you want to know the top 5 new tourism trends, read on

5 new travel trends in the future

Here are the top 5 travel trends you need to catch up now. You will find some are new, but some have been around for quite long, only now it will become your new travel style.

Solo Travel

Not a new trend, but solo travel will become a new normal in the next couple of years. While some people are still enjoying going with a big group with friends or family, some are choosing to be on their own. Besides, due to the new social practice that tells people to avoid the crowd, it is no surprise to see more and more people enjoy some lone times.

However, solo travel does not mean that you should not make friends along the way. The idea of solo travel is diverse. You can totally strike out on your own without companions, or start solo but open to new friends.

Eco Travel

As concerns are growing more and more on environmental issues, significant trends are increasing toward eco-tourism among travelers. This new trend includes the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism, in which travelers become more environmentally conscious in their travel style.

Eco tourists are making simple changes. They shift their concern to ethical and sustainable tourism options such as carbon offsetting flight or staying at eco-friendly hotels.

Unique local experience

Over the past few decades, mass tourism has been dominating the market, creating tours that focus on a large number of tourists rather than the true value. However, the recent global epidemic might put an end on that now or at least for the next couple of years before a vaccine is invented.

Meanwhile, tourists today love to engage and take part in the local culture from exploring a new cuisine to staying with the locals for an authentic experience. One example of a unique local experience would be visiting Mekong Delta on a private group tour and staying at their home to get a taste of local culture.

Virtual Reality

Yes, you heard that right. People who are usually fiddling with google map is not surprising. Virtual reality soon will be a great tool for tourism management. Besides, in the midst of a crisis like Covid-19, virtual reality travel seem to be a great choice when you don’t have to travel anywhere but stay at your place.

On the other hand, virtual reality also allows you to visit places that are too sensitive or limited by a certain number of visitors every day. Check it out this VR tour to Rome.

Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism is a perfect combination of two industries, tourism, and wellness. This powerful intersection comes from the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wellness routines when people are away from home. This expectation today is becoming an important factor in consumer decision making.

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