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Vietnam Educational Volunteer – Summer Returns

Overview of The Program

2019 has seen the return of Scivi Travel’s highly successful Vietnam Educational Volunteer Program, which oversees an coming group of Chinese volunteers to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The program is into its fifth season, with volunteers from China for the past five years. This is the testament to the value and success of the project.

Volunteers will get involved in teaching at local schools, working with Vietnamese students to teach English for Vietnamese childrend.

Vietnam educational volunteer trip

From the hotel, volunteers went to the school site, the following are the students, who always stand side by side not only to assist with the work but also to help the volunteers when needed. Their presence will be everywhere during the trip to make sure their guests feel safe and welcomed

Once they arrive at the school. There was an ice-breaking session between the children and volunteers before the class started.

In a short time, everyone had formed a strong connection together, as the children were very excited to see them. They interacted with each other by English, which is a great chance for them to practice.

Although these volunteers have a high level of English, we know that their presence here is good for the children. They are clearly making some positive impacts on these young children’s lives.

During the class, the children went into four groups based on their age. The English level of the student also decides which group they belong to.

The benefit of this gives older students their chance to learn English. They will be with individuals who share the same English level instead of being in a more higher level group.

Volunteers help the children with English language skills

Teaching sessions begin

Classes began early in the morning. Volunteers split into different groups to make sure all the children receive the same level of help. There was a buzz of joy all over the classroom.

The teaching session continued from early morning until midday with a short break in between. After the teaching, volunteer members and the committees had their lunch. They were all excited about the next day. There was also a short discussion after lunch for tomorrow.

Every day has different activities. Preparation often plans for different styles of teaching. For example, preparing crafts for creative classes or brainstorming game ideas to teach the children good English skill.

Once the work finished, everyone went back to the hotel followed by the committees. During this free time, everyone enjoys their own activities. Some went on a guided food tours, which immerse themselves in the local culture.

Volunteers, coordinators and students enjoying an educational sing-song!

The project is a great chance to witness an improvement in these children from day one until the end. You can see the students really become less shy when speaking English.

We feel happy for them because of such projects like this bring many benefits and positive impacts on these unlucky children as well as the community. This also confirms some of the core values of Scivi Travel, to provide service learning and cultural immersion opportunities.

Service Learning and Cultural Immersion for vietnam educational volunteer

Defined as being a mode of learning in which learners are able to deepen their classroom knowledge, through real-world experience under the form of community service, service-learning, or more precisely Vietnam educational volunteer program is a highly beneficial practice both for participants and recipients of the service.

This description certainly applies to the WWB program, where the volunteers gain real world experience and knowledge, whilst directly benefiting the Vietnamese community through the English language lessons and assistance provided.

The experience is helpful for Vietnamese schoolchildren. They have their chance to better their English, a language skill that can provide them with lots of advantages in future life.

It allows them to meet people from other cultures, such as the Chinese volunteers, who also gain similar benefits when immersing in the Vietnamese culture.


Vietnam is one of the most fast-changing economies in the world, and is also a good destination in Asia for a number of reasons – its young people, vibrant urban scenes, diverse cuisine, and pretty landscapes, which all feed in to a melting pot of culture, and make Ho Chi Minh City a memorable study trip, filled with cultural immersion!

To understand more about our service learning as well as Vietnam educational volunteer program:

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