[ Vietnam service learning diary] Cruise and Factories

After days of working in the Vietnam service learning program, it was the time for relaxing. And, as we were in the Mekong Delta, the question would be, what is one of the best ways to discover it? The answer should be take a boat, travel along the river and let the nature speak stories itself.

This morning we spent an hour on a boat with nice plastic chairs to see how the life of the locals whose lives rely on the river. Thanks to the rich resource of fetal, people could not only plant wide ranges of tropical
fruits such as coconut, pomelo, banana, etc. but also develop fish’s farm.

On the river, we encountered a bunch of greenery water coconut trees on two sides. Sometimes, huge fish traps appeared suddenly in the middle of the river, which gave some beautiful marks to the silent and peaceful river.

Then, we visited brick factory, coconut workshop, mattress workshop to gain first-hand experience on how these final products we only see in grocery stores or supermarkets are made. They all made by hand.

After that, we stopped at a lovely local restaurant to have lunch to get ready for getting on sampans along navigation canal.
Can Tho was the next destination on our discovery trip. It was no doubt that the city is the symbol of economic growth and condensed culture. We enjoyed most of our time here. Shopping was great end for the day full of travelling.

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