[ Vietnam service learning diary] Visit previously-built house

This was our last day of working of the week under the Vietnam service learning program. We still had three more days to complete the house for the family. In the morning, we tried our best to finish the foundation walls of the house. It should be said that we have a great team who has full of energy and humor to raise the working mood in humid days. We built walls, transported bricks and sands with fun and joy. Though exhaustion could not be avoided, we were happy to see the house being erected day after day.

In the afternoon, we went to visit the houses and families we have built in the last four years. Warm welcoming with smiles and hugs from the families meant a lot to us. The families remembered all the faces who joined the house building projects, which made us believe that the relationship between volunteers and family were close and strong despite years and long distance. It was also a great encouragement for us to see true and completed houses made in recent years and the improvements of the living standards from the families. It also made us stronger for the remaining days at the current house, thinking how the new house would help the family in their brighter future.

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