Cat Tien National Park locates in Dong Nai province, about 3 hours drive north-east of Ho Chi Minh City. The park is one of the most bio-diverse wildlife area in Vietnam and Indochina, and a perfect place for living biology class.

Living in the buffer zone of the national park are native Chau Ma people, whose history are rich and once one of the most powerful tribe across Southern Vietnam.


Available activities for school groups:

  • House and local school building for disadvantage people/community;
  • Experience real conservation works at 2 wildlife rescue centers of the national parks: primate and bear rescue center;
  • Immerse in local ethnic environment at traditional longhouse;
  • Water activities;
  • Jungle hiking;
  • Night safari, aka night wildlife animal watching;
  • Jungle cycling;
  • Farm visit and gardening;
  • Cat Tien archaeological excursion;
  • Adventure game/team building;