Educational Tours in Vietnam

Educational Tours in Vietnam

Excursion with educational purposes comes in many forms known as a school tour, educational tours, or a field trip. In general, these tours are usually organised by tour companies that dedicate their purpose to education. Therefore, educational tours are different from any other ordinary tours and its value focus is emphasised on knowledge and skill gained from the trip. In the context of modern education, educational tours play a vital role as learning can take place virtually everywhere. 

Normally knowledge is obtained through lectures or imitations of learning objects. The structure of a field trip allows students to gain an observation or conduct a research of the objects directly and in person. Hence, they not only benefit the students’ theoretical studying, but also boost their practical skills as well as personal experience.

As one of the leading tour companies organising school trips in Vietnam, we have over 5 years experience working and collaborating with a few colleges in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Myanmar and China.

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Type of field trips we offer

Vietnam service learning program

vietnam service learning

A type of learning in which learners deepen their understanding of classroom knowledge through real-world-experience. This approach can take form of community service. After the renovation known as Đổi Mới in 1986, the country is reborn from the long-devastating war. Although the economy of Vietnam returned slowly, the entire country remains low-income and undeveloped. As a result, there are many disadvantaged lives in Vietnam until today. On top of that, the uneducated children is still one of the alarming issues, especially in remote community.

However, apart from the downsides, Vietnam is a safe country with scenic nature and a popular tourist attraction. For that reason, we offer a range of service learning projects that help to improve in some these areas:

  • House-building for disadvantaged people;
  • Making toilets/schoolyard, public learning facility for disadvantaged communities;
  • Teaching English and social skills for children with special needs;
  • Environmental awareness projects;
  • Farming education project for primary school/secondary schools in Mekong Delta;

Learn more about our Vietnam service learning program here.

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Curriculum-focus/curriculum-linked trips

Field trips are designed from an educational perspective that support for one or more subjects. For instance, Geography, History, Biology, Arts, Music, Sports, etc. Above all, it provides experience and learning-curves to helps student learn better in their main subjects.

Therefore, we can customise this trip upon request to fit your program curriculum based on these aspects:

  • Develop attitudes, skills, and knowledge in accordance with the curriculum.
  • Include some activities that allow student to get involved with a range of abilities.
  • Suitable designed program for whole class, small groups.
  • Enhance critical thinking and improve creativity.
  • Provide meaningful experience.

You can also learn more about our past trip here.

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Vietnam cultural immersion study trip

Vietnam is an emerging destination in Asia for a number of good reasons. For instance, its young people, vibrant urban scenes, diversified cuisine and beautiful landscapes. On the other hand, there are so many great destinations in Vietnam that make a great Vietnam educational tour. We take Ho Chi Minh city as an example. Being Vietnam’s economic powerhouse, this city has full of activities that will offer you a memorable study trip.

Therefore, this Vietnam cultural immersion program will help you get the insight of Vietnamese culture from hands-on experience and highlighted service learning activities.

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Vietnam war history

vietnam war educational tour

Vietnam war is the most severe war in 20th century. Today it is among the most studied topics about Vietnam, and the influence still etches its mark on the contemporary Vietnam society.

Therefore, this Vietnam war history tour will bring students along the country to visit old battlefields and to meet up with living witnesses. The trip will offer a real perspective of the country and show them how the war impacted as well as shaped the modern Vietnam today.

On the other hand, this program can also be customised for IB’s History of Asia and Oceania option, under following topics:

  • Exploration, Trade, and Interaction in East Asia and South-East Asia;
  • Colonialism and the development of nationalism in South-East Asia;
  • Impact of the world wars on South-East Asia;
  • Cold War conflicts in Asia;
  • Social, cultural, and economic developments in Asia (excluding China, Japan and India) (1980–2005)

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