Vietnam Service Learning Program


Vietnam Service Learning Program

What is service learning?

Vietnam service learning is one of our most successful program. But what does service learning mean?

Service learning is a type of learning in which learners deepen their understanding of classroom knowledge through real-world-experience. This approach can take form under community service. 

During a service learning trip, students will play the role of both learners and community members. This will help them experiencing a blend of class learning objectives, practicum training as well as off-campus volunteering.

On the other hand, such experience is intentionally contextualised in an activity which benefits directly toward a specific organisation or community.

Our Vietnam service learning program

vietnam service learning program

Since 2012, in collaboration with Australian St Laurence’s College from Brisbane, Queensland and Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School from New South Wales, we organised house-building projects for disadvantaged families in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

House building project is one the most successful in our learning service program. Although building a house can be a laboured task, most of our customers don’t realised that building can be so fun until they join our programs. Besides, the project is combining with culture excursion, and culture exchange with local schools through several activities. Above all, we believed that this program can deliver the value and hands-on experience to all the students.

Are service learning and volunteerism the same?

This is a very tricky question because these two terms can be similar in action. Although all service learning occurs in a community context, not all community-based learning is service learning.

Service learning, by definition, is a collaborative relationship between the community and the classroom that equally prioritizes student learning and community service. Voluntary service also is different from curriculum-based service learning in that the former emphasizes service over learning.

Why Vietnam is best for learning service projects?

Vietnam is booming and developing at a rapid rate. To understand why this country is suitable for leaning service, we need to look at it from a few different aspects.


Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has a dynamic economic environment that offers a harmonious mixture of modern and tradition, of agricultural and industrial culture  blending with Western and Asian features.


Although having recovered significantly since Đổi Mới (economic reform) in 1986, Vietnam remains a low-income country. It still has a lot of disadvantaged people/community, especially among the vulnerable groups such as uneducated children in remote community with low quality of life.

Safe environment

The country in general is a safe place for tourism due to the characteristics of the people who are friendly, candid, helpful. Besides, the stable politic state prevents risk from terrorism and gun-related violence.  

Scenic nature

Vietnam has a blessing breathtaking landscape and a wide range of natural resource due to the tropical monsoon climate.


It is said to be “a land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic mega-cities and hill-tribe villages”

Lonely Planet Vietnam

Scivi learning service projects

At Scivi, we offer several projects at the moment, they are including:

  • House-building for disadvantaged people;
  • Making toilets/schoolyard, public learning facility for disadvantaged communities;
  • Teaching English and social skills for children with special needs;
  • Environmental awareness projects;
  • Farming education project for primary school/secondary schools in Mekong Delta;

What makes our project different?

Our team has been working on many community programs and volunteering service since 2012. All of our projects are dealing directly with local community or project owner to ensure maximised benefit to beneficiaries and right values to our clients as part of their learning journey.