Vietnam War History Excursion | A Flashback to The Past

Vietnam war

Vietnam war history

One of the cruelest war in the 20th century, the Vietnam War today is still the most studied history topic about Vietnam. Although it ended more than a decade ago, its repercussion yet leaves many influences on the country’s contemporary society.

Vietnam War excursion is a study tour designed by Scivi Travel, bringing your students across the country and visiting old battlefields as well as meeting up with living witnesses. On this trip, we aim to

  • Provide students a real perspective of the country then and now.
  • Help them to understand more about the impact of the war and how it shapes modern Vietnam.
  • Allow them to meet with war victims and listen to their stories.
  • Enhance students’ experience and improve their history learning skills.
  • Benefit postgraduate students with authentic information sources and give a deep insight into the catastrophic events.

How this trip can be organised?

Learning about history is another way to explore a country. On the other hand, this excursion can also combine with our Vietnam culture immersion program to make it a complete experience for all the students.

Besides, we can also customize this excursion following IB’s program, especially for the history of Asia and Oceania based on these topics:

  • Exploration, Trade, and Interaction in East Asia and South-East Asia;
  • Colonialism and the growth of nationalism in South-East Asia;
  • Impact of the world wars on South-East Asia;
  • Cold War conflicts in Asia;
  • Social, cultural and economic developments in Asia (excluding China, Japan, and India) (1980–2005)

Standard version of Vietnam war excursion

This trip has a standard length of 12 days, starting from Danang and ending in Ho Chi Minh city. Many significant destinations will be covered in the program. Besides, there is also a wide range of activities to make sure students fully engage with the trip and maximise the benefit. You can download to learn more about the trip.

Download Itinerary


However, we can also customise this program upon your request. Just drop us a line below, we will get back to you shortly.