Virtual educational tour

Our world is changing. A lot. Since early 2020.

As educational travel professional, we are grateful to observe this constant changes and see how it affects on education in general. International travel might be no longer easy. But the desire to explore the world is still there, and it’s good to keep nurturing the curiosity. We believe that a global citizen is defined by how deep, not how frequent, one is able to travel and to see the world. 

Our virtual educational tours are built on the same approach as conventional tours: a mix of local immersion and interaction, integrating learning objectives that your schools or college might want to embed into the programs. 

With the assistance of technology, virtual educational tours can be also fun and effective via:

 – VR-360 degrees local excursion, both pre-recorded and live tours;

 – “Local buddy” in which students will pair with local students and co-work on certain sessions. This will give culture exchange to the next level.

 – Tele-meetings via a myriad of platforms such as Zoom, Teams for Google Meets.

If this sound interesting, please let us know and we will work out the best-suit virtual tour for your students.