Volunteering in Vietnam


Volunteering in Vietnam

Volunteering in Vietnam is the best ways to make your holiday a meaningful and memorable one. Although the workload might sound a little intimidating, the benefit of volunteering can be far-reaching and surprising, especially if you are students. 

Volunteering is good for skill developments

As an educational tour operator, we understand the importance of skill development in every adolescence. Our volunteering programs are designed to focus on identifying skill gap and developing their existing skills. We believe this will help them achieve their goal and develop a strong sense of self-confidence.

Not every student perform well in their academic results. However, they should have equal opportunity when it comes to development. In most cases, volunteering can assist teachers in helping those students who are weak. They can be well-prepared with learning skills that not only bring more opportunities but also empower them. On the other hand, important skills such as networking and communication gained through these extra-curriculums also top up the benefit when it comes to personal development.

Volunteer projects at Scivi

At the moment we offer 2 volunteer programs that are suitable for either groups or individual. Our trip will ensure to maximise the benefit for every participants and bring value to the host community.

Teaching at primary school program

Volunteering in Vietnam

This program will give volunteers an opportunity to get involved in teaching primary students from other provinces. These 6 – 13 years old kids are from poor families where they cannot afford to attend public school.

These classes are totally free of charge for the students. They are usually available during holiday breaks or before the Lunar New Year. If you wish to know more about this program, you can contact us by filling the form below.

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Environmental program (Bear and Wild Cat Conservation Center)

Volunteering in Vietnam

Bear and wild cat conservation centre is the largest mammal rescue centre in Vietnam located in Cat Tien national park. This centre is home to about 120 bear species in the country.

Volunteers participate in the project will enhance their understanding about nature, wildlife conservation works and climate change, which are among most important skills for the future.

By interacting with local community as well as participating in various type of activities, volunteer can also develop their love of nature, treasuring the environment and conservation of natural resources for future generations. Besides, this project aims to raise awareness on bear preservation in Vietnam. You can download our updated program for 2020 below.

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Why you should join our Scivi projects?

Scivi has over five years of experience with several successful community projects, especially in Mekong Delta. Being one of the leading educational tour operators in Vietnam, we have the advantage of working with a myriad of local non-profit organizations in the country. Therefore, our collaboration with NGOs makes an excellent opportunity for students to participate in many projects.

Our community or learning service projects are suitable for student groups with defined learning/team building objectives. We also cater to small groups and individuals upon request. However, from industry professional perspectives, we understand that every trip is different. Therefore, all Scivi projects are:

  • Aiming to achieve one or more objectives in accordant with 16 sustainable development goals of the United Nation.
  • Including activities that are suitable whether for short or long term-volunteers.
  • Ensuring every volunteer project benefits both participants and hosting organisation  or communities.
  • Unique and group-customised to meet their requirement.

If you have any questions about volunteering in Vietnam, drop us a line below, we will get back to you shortly.